Privacy Policy

When you subscribe to our service you can expect to receive emails from professionals who are offering  a product or service that could be of value to you.

We have a “real estate related email only” policy so they will always be pertinent.  The emails may cover topics such as loan products, new listings,  training courses or other items/services.

When you place an order with RL Custom Emails you will automatically be added to the list of subscribers unless otherwise instructed.  We do not sell, rent or share our lists with  any other businesses or individuals.

Our emails are CAN-SPAM compliant and always have an unsubscribe link.  You can either unsubscribe by clicking on the link or send an email to mail with the words “unsubscribe or remove” in the subject. If you click on the link you will be unsubscribed immediately.  If you email us with a request you will be unsubscribed within 48 hours

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